On the third Tuesday of November, recognized as National Grief and Bereavement Day, we at the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation call upon our community to show solidarity with those enduring grief. This significant day, November 21st, is an invitation to support and understand the silent paths of bereavement many walk.

Grief can leave us at a loss for words, but our actions can still convey deep empathy and understanding. National Grief and Bereavement Day 2023 calls on everyone to take action, to be present, and to walk alongside those in grief.

At Hospice Georgian Triangle, we offer compassionate care for those navigating these challenging times. Our grief and support services provide emotional support and practical assistance to those in need. From counseling to bereavement care, our team is here to help individuals and families.

On this National Grief and Bereavement Day, let’s unite to break the silence surrounding grief. By reaching out with kindness, we can make a significant impact, bridging the gap between isolation and healing.

Share your experiences with grief and support on social media using the hashtags #Grief2023 and #ReachOut. To learn more about all of our services, please visit Hospice Georgian Triangle.

Your contribution is impactful. Please consider supporting the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation to ensure the continuity of vital grief support services.

Support over the Holidays

For those facing grief during festive times, we also provide a Grief and the Holidays Drop-In Group, offering a space for comfort and shared understanding as the holidays approach.

Together, let’s foster a compassionate environment for all those dealing with loss.