The essence of remembrance took a luminous form at the Hospice Georgian Triangle‘s annual Lights of Love event. Held at the Collingwood Legion Branch 63, this ceremony brought together over 230 community members in a heartfelt tribute to loved ones who have passed on, especially those cared for at Campbell House.

Reflecting on the Lights of Love Ceremony

The evening began with a touching candlelit procession from the Legion to Campbell House, marking a journey of memory and reflection. Participants were greeted by the sight of Campbell House, transformed into a beacon of hope and remembrance with a stunning display of holiday lights.

Lights of Love Ceremony

A Symbolic Gathering at Campbell House

Upon arrival at Campbell House, guests were welcomed by a mesmerizing setup featuring memory trees adorned with names, a cozy campfire, and a sea of twinkling lights. This atmosphere created a sanctuary for people to share stories, embrace memories, and connect with the essence of their loved ones.

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Winter Warm Up 2023

The Meaning Behind the Lights

The event, as described by Trish Rawn, Executive Director of Hospice Georgian Triangle, is more than a memorial. It’s a symbol of communal love and hope, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in facing loss, and a celebration of the lives once lived.

Community Gratitude: Supporters of the Event

The Lights of Love event was a collaborative effort, supported by local businesses and individuals. Acknowledgments were extended to Curries Farm Market, Canadian Tire, Georgian Bay Outdoors, Connell’s Seasoned Firewood, Tim Hortons Collingwood / the Trude family, and musician Ian Haworth for their invaluable contributions.

Sandra Sullivan, Executive Director of the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation, highlighted the event as a reflection of the community’s solidarity and generosity. The support from the community plays a crucial role in the success of such events and in fostering a sense of unity and healing.

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