In an insightful discussion, Kelly O’Neil, Public Relations and Communications Manager at Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation, eloquently highlights the indispensable role of community donations in sustaining our operations. At Hospice Georgian Triangle, these donations are crucial, underpinning half of our operating costs.

“Hospice care is a symphony of compassion, comfort, and dignity, harmonizing at life’s most sensitive stages,” Kelly shares. “Our government funding covers a part, but it’s the heartwarming generosity of our community that truly fuels our mission. Each donation, regardless of its size, is a vital thread in the fabric of our care services.”

Kelly points out the significance of these donations in maintaining a wide array of vital services including expert palliative care, grief and bereavement support, and diverse wellness programs. “It’s about extending a comforting hand, providing a shoulder for support, and being a reassuring presence in challenging times,” she adds.

“Your contribution ensures we continue to offer these crucial services at no cost to our community members. It’s more than just funding; it’s about being a part of a compassionate community that cherishes every moment of life,” concludes Kelly.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Roger Klein and the team at Bay Watch for their exceptional work in producing the video that captures the essence of our services and the impact of community support. Their dedication and skill have been instrumental in bringing our story to life.

Your donation, especially during this holiday season, can profoundly impact lives. Support hospice today!