Tim Hortons Smile Cookie in Collingwood supporting Hospice Georgian Triangle and the Georgian Bay Humane Society took an exciting turn this year with a friendly competition featuring local media personalities!

The Smile Cookie Decorating Challenge saw contestants decorating as many cookies as they could in just 5 minutes, with the grand finale being a “specialty cookie” decorating challenge, where the winner was chosen by popular vote. Here’s a summary of the delightful event!


In the first round, we had John and Mel from Peak FM facing off in a head-to-head challenge. Their enthusiasm and skill were on full display as they raced against the clock to decorate as many Smile Cookies as possible.

Next up, Ericka from Collingwood Today stepped up to the plate, showing off her artistic flair and creativity in cookie decorating. Ericka proved that even on her own, she could hold her own in the competition!

Finally, in a nail-biting final round, Julie from My Collingwood and Kenny from Max FM went head-to-head, battling it out to create the most Smile Cookies in the given time. The tension was palpable as the two contestants raced against the clock!

Specialty Cookie Decorating Challenge: In addition to the speed challenge, the contestants also participated in a “specialty cookie” decorating challenge, showcasing their creative talents by designing unique and eye-catching cookies. We encouraged our community to vote for their favorite creation, making this a fun and interactive event for everyone involved!

How to Vote: Head over to our Facebook page to cast your vote for the best specialty cookie. Be sure to like and share the post, and let’s see which of our talented contestants wins the title of “Smile Cookie Decorating Champion”!

The Smile Cookie Decorating Challenge was a sweet success, bringing together our community and raising awareness for Hospice Georgian Triangle. Thank you to our contestants and everyone who participated in this fun and delicious event!