From May 1st to 7th, Collingwood residents can indulge in a sweet treat while supporting Hospice Georgian Triangle. Tim Hortons is hosting the annual Smile Cookie Campaign, and here are six amusing and compelling reasons why you should purchase one—or better yet, order a bunch!

A few reasons why you might want a smile cookie.

  1. A Delicious Contribution: At just $1.50, a Smile Cookie is an affordable and scrumptious way to donate to Hospice Georgian Triangle. We provide compassionate care to individuals and families in need. Remember, every Smile Cookie counts, and your stomach (and conscience) will thank you.
  2. Why So Serious? These cookies are anything but ordinary. With their cheeky smiley faces, Smile Cookies are bound to spread grins and giggles among friends, family, and colleagues. Who says doing good  can't be fun?
  3. Time's a Ticking: The Smile Cookie Campaign runs for just one week, so you'd better get your cookie game on! Don't miss this chance to treat yourself and make a difference in the community.
  4. The More, The Merrier: Planning to share the love (and laughter) with a crowd? Pre-order a heap of Smile Cookies to ensure you don't miss out. Whether it's a workplace gathering or a family reunion, the Smile Cookie will be the talk of the town.
  5. Cookie Creativity: Having a surplus of Smile Cookies opens up a world of possibilities. Use them as icebreaker treats at events, surprise your neighbors with a sweet gesture, or even create your own Smile Cookie tower as a delightful centerpiece!
  6. Supporting a Smiling Business: By participating in the Smile Cookie Campaign, you're not only helping Hospice Georgian Triangle but also endorsing Tim Hortons as a community-minded business. You'll be encouraging other local companies to get in on the act and give back, too.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab a Smile Cookie (or a dozen!) between May 1st and 7th in Collingwood, and support Hospice Georgian Triangle in the tastiest and most entertaining way possible. Remember, with each Smile Cookie you purchase, you're contributing to a great cause while spreading joy and laughter – because life's too short not to smile!

Tim Hortons locations supporting Hospice Georgian Triangle: