On July 30th COBS Bread celebrated their 2nd Anniversary in Collingwood. Looking for a way to ‘give back’ to the community they decided to donate $2 from each loaf of bread/6pk buns. 

Andrea, owner of the Collingwood COBS franchise, topped up the donation by matching the sales and proudly presented Sue McKenzie, Director of Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation with a cheque for $3,294.00 

“My daughters were raised here and after moving away for a few years, I was always looking for an opportunity to moving back to this amazing community.” said Andrea. “I worked in the restaurant industry for many years and when the opportunity to open a COBS location in Collingwood came up, it was a perfect fit! This community is so friendly, and I enjoy reconnecting with the people here that I met over the years. I am so happy to make this donation to Hospice Georgian Triangle and support the great work they do.

Thank to Andrea and COBS Bread for being part of our Compassion in Action campaign. If you have an idea of a fundraiser, and wish to show case your own Compassion in Action, we would love to hear form you. We will help promote your event and provide advice to help ensure your event is a success. Contact Linda at the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation at caronl@hospicegeorgaintriangle.com or call 705 444-2555 ext 7536. We look forward to hearing from you.