Today marks Day 4 of our #VolunteerWeek celebration, and we have yet another amazing Hospice Georgian Triangle volunteer story to share with you. Their selfless acts of kindness have touched many lives, and we can’t wait for you to learn more about them. 

We profile Michael Sharpe (Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation Board Member) & Julie Sharpe ( Patient & Family Support). 

Michael Sharpe

“I became involved with the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation in 2018 to contribute to the mission of providing compassionate care and meaningful support to those the end-of-life.

During a career in intensive care medicine, it became evident that dying in comfort and with dignity was paramount to patients and their families. The end-of-life care that is provided at Campbell House is a safe and comfortable environment for a person’s last days of life.

Along with grief and bereavement support for family members, respite care, and pain and symptom management, Hospice Georgian Triangle provides is commendable services to our community.  My involvement with the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation Board is a rewarding experience, thanks to the tremendous generosity of our community, knowing that because of them these important services are no cost to the user. 

As Hospice Georgian Triangle is highly dependent on funding from donors, I feel it is a privilege to share the message of Hospice’s incredible services, which fill an extremely important gap in the end-of-life journey.”

Julie Sharpe

“It is an honour and privilege to support the caring Team at Campbell House as a Patient and Family Support Volunteer. When you enter the front doors, you are greeted with warm smiles, comforting fresh baking from the kitchen and big cozy chairs, inviting you to sit a while.

The busy pace of the outside world begins to release …. and time seems to slow down.

Campbell House is like a lighthouse in the often-uncertain turbulence of navigating life-limiting illness, offering a steady beacon of calm, safety, focus and caring when things can seem chaotic and overwhelming.

It is gratifying to assist and support those who are journeying through this palliative phase of life, being fully present to listen to the emotional, physical, and spiritual sharing. There are moments of deep reflection and reminiscences of happy and sad times through the years. Beyond this quiet space of a private room, there is always a flutter of birds at the bird feeder, a visit from support dogs, peaceful music, art therapy, foot massages and a bounty of other delights…. or a tea and treats from the kitchen at any hour of the day.

Each day when I leave my shift I am filled with enriching stories and profound connections and a sense of gratitude for the full spectrum of life and all the soulful beauty that comes with it.”

Thank you to all the volunteers that help us provide compassionate care at Hospice Georgian Triangle! Want to volunteer? Click here!